Redo, again…

A staple of most physical science curricula is the element research project.  Students get an element and research various facts including properties and history of the element.  I’ve been doing some type of element project for years.  My first year of teaching I came across a project tucked in a file cabinet: Element Album Cover.  The project had students do research and creatively turn the element into a rock band or singer.  I adapted it and turned it into a CD cover project.  Later I used Glogster to have students make a musical group “web-page.”  Glogster became a pay site a few years ago and since then I’ve been stuck.


I also debate the merit of the project at all.  What do students get out of it?  From a standards viewpoint there is little point in doing it at all.  They don’t need to know about any element in detail.  A project like this takes a great deal of time and effort researching and constructing.  That time could be spent doing any number of other things that more directly attack the standards/core.  I’m now at the do or die point with this project.  I either have to revamp the project again or ditch it completely.


I’ve been thinking of doing a writing project.  I’d like to use something like Boomwriter or Storybird, but I’m having trouble getting my mind around what I want students to do and learn.  I want that writing and literacy piece.  Doing internet searches have turned up nothing useful yet.  PowerPoints are over done and mainly involve students just copying and pasting things off the internet.  That and PowerPoint is a visual medium and I want this to involve creative writing.  Here’s hoping something will come up.  If not, though, I’ll just ditch it and move on.

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